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Grass Valley Edius Ver:6.02

 Version 6.02 ( Release: 1/24/2011)

[New Features]

  • Added support for loading MXF file on SxS card which was recorded by SONY PMW-500.
  • Added support for playlist which was output to FTP/HDD(USB) using PLAY LIST EXPORT of AJ-HPM200.
  • Added support for timecode acquisition from Picture timing SEI.
  • Added support for H.264 hardware encoding utilizing Intel GPU.

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Grass Valley EDIUS Ver.6.02

Edius 6

Edius 6

Grass Valley EDIUS Ver.6.02 LS4 With Features - 2011 (Eng/Ger/Jpn/Rus) | 2.78 GB

Grass Valley EDIUS 6 - A new version of one of the best professional software for video processing. EDIUS supports real-time performance with video virtually all known formats, as well as uncompressed video. The program provides an opportunity to work with an unlimited number of layers containing audio, video, data or effects. Projects created in EDIUS, you can save by using your own codec Canopus HQ, which is able to encode a variable bit rate.

New, 6-th version of EDIUS has over a hundred new features and improvements. Many of the filters and effects programs work in real time. That is why many believe EDIUS fastest video editor.

Key features of Grass Valley Edius:

  1. Installation of a real-time HD / SD formats, including DV, HDV, AVCHD, MPEG-2, Windows Media and QuickTime.
  2. A flexible user interface, an unlimited number of tracks for video, audio, titling.
  3. Editing and converting real-time HD / SD formats (16:9 and 4:3)
  4. Editing and converting real-time video with different frame rates 60i, 50i and 24p
  5. Editing and converting real-time video with different resolution 1440x1080, 1280x720 and 720x480
  6. HD / SD effects, keyers, transitions and titles in real time
  7. Output video to DV in real time straight from the timeline
  8. Quick export HDV
  9. Coding of individual segments of a time-line ('Smart Rendering') with the support of MPEG, and HDV. Segment Encoding function greatly reduces the time required to export the project, encoding only the edited segments and edited clips.
  10. DVD-authoring in the timeline
  11. Quick Titler software utility for the titration, in real time
  12. Multi-camera editing of up to eight different sources at one time
  13. High-speed SD HDV and MPEG-2 export, with support for dual-core technology
  14. Direct-to-DVD export
  15. and much more..

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Canopus Playback Codecs Pack Ver:3.03


Canopus has long been regarded as a leader in video codec technology. These codecs are developed exclusively and innovatively by Canopus engineering team.High-speed codecs for video editing and conversion are the core of Canopus products, and are also known as a important foundamental technology by other well-known brands.


Double-clicking 'setup.exe'icon in this software.

Selecting "Canopus Codec Option" and clicking 'Change/Remove' button via [Start] > [Control Panel] > [Add or Remove Programs].

Installing this software, the following codecs are installed to your system.

  • Canopus DV Codec
  • Canopus Lossless Codec
  • Canopus HQ Codec
  • Canopus HQX Codec

These codecs are DECODE-ONLY and enable you to VIEW files created by EDIUS Pro or Broadcast editing software with using Microsoft Windows Media Player. Read more

Canopus Codec Option Ver:3.02

Canopus has long been regarded as a leader in video codec technology.Developed exclusively by the Canopus engineering team, innovative high-quality,high-speed codecs for video editing and conversion are at the heart of Canopus products, and are also licensed for use by other well-known brands.

Please read the Software License Agreement before using this software.Do not use this software if you do not agree to the terms of this License Agreement.

Install by double-clicking 'setup.exe' in the folder Canopus Codec Option Ver 3.00
Uninstall via the [Control Panel] > [Add/Remove Applications].

This software will install the following codecs:


These codecs are DECODE-ONLY, enabling you to VIEW files created by EDIUS Pro or Broadcast editing software, using Microsoft Windows Media Player. Read more

Grass Valley Edius Ver:6.0/6.01

Edius 6

Edius 6

EDIUS非线性编辑软件专为广播和后期制作环境而设计,特别针对新闻记者、无带化视频制播和存储。EDIUS拥有完善的基于文件工作流程,提供了实时、 多轨道、多格式混编、合成、色键、字幕和时间线输出功能。除了标准的EDIUS系列格式,还支持 Infinity™ JPEG 2000、DVCPRO、P2、VariCam、Ikegami GigaFlash、MXF 、XDCAM和XDCAM EX视频素材。同时支持所有DV、HDV摄像机和录像机。

EDIUS is used by professionals and broadcasters alike because it’s fast, easy to use and rock solid. It’s the perfect choice for ulti-format editing.

EDIUS – More Formats, More Workflows
EDIUS® nonlinear editing software is designed for any broadcast and postproduction environment, especially those using newer, tapeless forms of video recording and storage.

Ultimate File-based Workflow
Perfect for file-based workflows, EDIUS offers real-time, multi-track, mixed-format editing, compositing, chromakeying, titling, and timeline output capabilities. In addition to the standard formats supported by the EDIUS family of NLEs, EDIUS supports P2 DVCPRO, AVC-Intra, XDCAM, Ikegami GF, and Canon’s XF format and EOS movie format. It also supports capturing from tape devices such as DV and HDV.

Exceptional Mixed Format Editing
Featuring unrivaled real-time video transcoding technology, EDIUS converts between HD and SD resolutions, aspect ratios, and frame rates—all in real time. You can edit in HD and place 4:3 SD video, or mix NTSC and PAL sources, or combine hem all into projects in other resolutions and frame rates without wasting a single moment on conversion or rendering. Read more

Edius 5.51 update released

EDIUS非线性编辑软件专为广播和后期制作环境而设计,特别针对新闻记者、无带化视频制播和存储。EDIUS拥有完善的基于文件工作流程,提供了实时、多轨道、多格式混编、合成、色键、字幕和时间线输出功能。除了标准的EDIUS系列格式,还支持 Infinity™ JPEG 2000、DVCPRO、P2、VariCam、Ikegami GigaFlash、MXF 、XDCAM和XDCAM EX视频素材。同时支持所有DV、HDV摄像机和录像机。

Supported Hardware:

  1. IEEE 1394 FireWire controllers
  2. ADVC1394, ACEDVio
  3. EDIUS NX Series
  4. EDIUS SP Series
  5. EDIUS RX-E1 (SDI-based hardware)
  6. EDIUS Turnkey Systems
  7. HDSTORM Series
  8. HDSPARK Series

Version 5.51 ( Release: 6/30/2010)

[Fixed issues]

  1. Fixed issue of crash of EDIUS when AES collaboration is performed.
  2. Fixed issue of clip which is captured by GF Ingest being converted to offline clip.
  3. Fixed issue of time code display being set to start time code of sequence when outputting clip in AAF format.
  4. Fixed issue of crash when exporting file in MXF format.
  5. Fixed issue of color change when loading CANON EOS Movie file.
  6. Improved performance when handling large amount of clips on K2 Connect.
  7. Fixed issue of crash when converting specific files.

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