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Grass Valley Edius Ver:6.02

 Version 6.02 ( Release: 1/24/2011)

[New Features]

  • Added support for loading MXF file on SxS card which was recorded by SONY PMW-500.
  • Added support for playlist which was output to FTP/HDD(USB) using PLAY LIST EXPORT of AJ-HPM200.
  • Added support for timecode acquisition from Picture timing SEI.
  • Added support for H.264 hardware encoding utilizing Intel GPU.

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Grass Valley EDIUS Ver.6.02

Edius 6

Edius 6

Grass Valley EDIUS Ver.6.02 LS4 With Features - 2011 (Eng/Ger/Jpn/Rus) | 2.78 GB

Grass Valley EDIUS 6 - A new version of one of the best professional software for video processing. EDIUS supports real-time performance with video virtually all known formats, as well as uncompressed video. The program provides an opportunity to work with an unlimited number of layers containing audio, video, data or effects. Projects created in EDIUS, you can save by using your own codec Canopus HQ, which is able to encode a variable bit rate.

New, 6-th version of EDIUS has over a hundred new features and improvements. Many of the filters and effects programs work in real time. That is why many believe EDIUS fastest video editor.

Key features of Grass Valley Edius:

  1. Installation of a real-time HD / SD formats, including DV, HDV, AVCHD, MPEG-2, Windows Media and QuickTime.
  2. A flexible user interface, an unlimited number of tracks for video, audio, titling.
  3. Editing and converting real-time HD / SD formats (16:9 and 4:3)
  4. Editing and converting real-time video with different frame rates 60i, 50i and 24p
  5. Editing and converting real-time video with different resolution 1440x1080, 1280x720 and 720x480
  6. HD / SD effects, keyers, transitions and titles in real time
  7. Output video to DV in real time straight from the timeline
  8. Quick export HDV
  9. Coding of individual segments of a time-line ('Smart Rendering') with the support of MPEG, and HDV. Segment Encoding function greatly reduces the time required to export the project, encoding only the edited segments and edited clips.
  10. DVD-authoring in the timeline
  11. Quick Titler software utility for the titration, in real time
  12. Multi-camera editing of up to eight different sources at one time
  13. High-speed SD HDV and MPEG-2 export, with support for dual-core technology
  14. Direct-to-DVD export
  15. and much more..

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Advanced Authoring Format (AAF) 高级制作格式详解

AAF是Advanced Authoring Format的缩写,意为“高级制作格式”,是一种用于多媒体创作及后期制作、面向企业界的开放式标准。AAF是自非线性编辑系统之后电视制作领域最重要的新进展之一,它解决了多用户、跨平台以及多台电脑协同进行数字创作的问题,给后期制作带来了极大的方便。 AAF格式包括实体(Essence)和元数据(Metadata)两方面内容。


实体即视音频素材和节目数据(如字幕文本)。实体中的视音频素材只有以开放式标准格式存在时,不同软件平台才有可能共享该素材。例如:MPEG-1、MPEG-2、Quicktime MOV、WAV、TAGA、TIFF等格式。


元数据也被称为“描述数据(实体)的数据”。元数据在系统中无处不在,在节目制作的各个阶段都会产生大量的元数据,如前期拍摄阶段会产生镜头名称、拍摄地点、景别等元数据,后期编辑阶段会产生镜头列表、编辑点、转场等元数据。这些元数据并非都有用,要根据需要加以过滤,留下关键的元数据。 Read more

Grass Valley ProCoder Ver.3.06.00

Grass Valley ProCoder 3 Logo

Grass Valley ProCoder 3

Our ProCoder® 3 software combines speed and flexibility into a streamlined video conversion tool. Widely acknowledged as the leading software transcoder, it features extensive input/output options, advanced filtering, batch processing, and an easy-to-use interface.

Whether encoding MPEG video for DVD production, producing Windows Media for streaming or transcoding between NTSC and PAL, ProCoder software makes video format conversion quick and easy. With it you can encode a single source to multiple targets simultaneously, run multiple conversion jobs back-to-back in batch mode, or use drag-and-drop preset icons to start conversion with a single click.

The ProCoder 3 software has an array of high-performance features, including a design that efficiently leverages the power of your CPU, broad codec support, local and networked use capabilities to fit your workflow, and queue management to ensure your jobs are performed in just the right order. Read more

Francisco Partners 成功收购草谷集团(Grass Valley)!

对草谷集团(Grass Valley)来说,这是崭新的一年,也是一个新时代的开端。我很荣幸地向大家宣布,Francisco Partners 收购草谷集团的计划现在已经完成,从 2011 年 1 月 1 日起我们就重新作为一个独立的公司开始经营业务。我们的创业精神以及“我们能行”的原则,自公司成立之初就已深植在企业的核心价值观中,它使我们的公司脱颖而出,而这种精神必将在新的草谷集团中得到全面贯彻和升华。

毋庸置疑,正是由于客户对我们坚定不渝的忠诚,正是由于他们的帮助,我们才能在2010 年取得了积极进展并获得了前所未有的业务成就。在这充满不确定因素的两年中,我们同时要承担由全球金融危机以及漫长的草谷业务转让过程带来的双重压力,而这一切现在终于划上了一个句号,这无疑是一件振奋人心的事。

所有关注公司发展的人都看到了,越是面对行业或经济的艰难时刻,草谷就会表现得越顽强。今天的事实即是证明,这也是我们不同于业内任何其他供应商的原因。在过去的 50 多年里,我们始终在为客户提供支持,并且期盼着将这种服务延续到下一个 50 年。

过去几年来,我们坚定地兑现承诺,致力于研发和推动产业进步,即引领技术创新并推出一批新产品,包括全新系列的 K2 Summit媒体服务器、K2 Dyno回放系统、Kayenne视频制作切换台、以及LDK Elite系列高清摄像机(在此仅列举几)。现在,我们已经将我们的新产品与我们称之为“Fusion”的理念进行整合,从而打造一个更强大、更具组合价值的解决方案,令任何其他制造商望尘莫及。此套解决方案使工作流程更高效、更易于管理、为用户提供更丰富的功能,体现了草谷产品一贯的高品质标准。在未来数月乃至数年中,随着我们逐渐向市场推出更多令人期待的新产品,我们也必将在业内奠定更加稳固的技术领导地位。我们的研发团队将全力以赴,不断发布一流的创新成果,以满足客户的前瞻性需求。 Read more

Canopus Codec Option Ver:3.02

Canopus has long been regarded as a leader in video codec technology.Developed exclusively by the Canopus engineering team, innovative high-quality,high-speed codecs for video editing and conversion are at the heart of Canopus products, and are also licensed for use by other well-known brands.

Please read the Software License Agreement before using this software.Do not use this software if you do not agree to the terms of this License Agreement.

Install by double-clicking 'setup.exe' in the folder Canopus Codec Option Ver 3.00
Uninstall via the [Control Panel] > [Add/Remove Applications].

This software will install the following codecs:


These codecs are DECODE-ONLY, enabling you to VIEW files created by EDIUS Pro or Broadcast editing software, using Microsoft Windows Media Player. Read more