DVD菜单制作软件 DVD Architect Studio

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DVD Architect Studio是一个应用广泛功能强大的专业DVD制作软件,号称DVD建筑师,程序可以通过导入杜比数字AC-3文件来帮助你制作高品质具备强大音场环绕效果的 DVD影片!

Professional-looking DVDs made easy

Now available on DVD/Blu-ray Disc™: your own captivating home movies, multimedia photo albums, and music compilations-complete with dazzling menus, special features, and custom soundtracks. With DVD Architect™ Studio software, you can swiftly create professional-looking DVDs, even stunning widescreen productions, on your home computer. Simply drag-and-drop to start building your next blockbuster.

DVD Architect Studio 5.0 Features

  1. Import audio, video, and stills from an extensive range of formats
  2. Easy to use menu-based and drag-and-drop interface for DVD design and authoring
  3. DVD movie creation
  4. Create picture slideshows and music compilations
  5. Still and motion menu creation
  6. NTSC and PAL in standard (4:3) and widescreen (16:9) formats
  7. Add, edit, and move chapter points
  8. Adjustable project and file optimization settings
  9. Virtual remote to preview the final project before burning to DVD
  10. View safe grid areas to ensure proper image and button placement
  11. Text editing and shadow effects
  12. Customizable themes
  13. Get started right away and learn as you go with interactive Show Me How tutorials
  14. Supports a wide variety of DVD burners

Supported Formats

  • Image: .bmp, .gif, .jpeg .jpg, .png, .psd, .tif, .tiff, .targa, .tga
  • Video: .avi, .mov, .mp4, .mpeg, .mpg, .qt, .wmv
  • Audio: .aa3, .ac3, .aif, .ogg, .oma, .sfa, .vox, .w64, .wma

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    默认安装目录为:C:\Program Files\Sony\DVD Architect Studio 5.0\
  2. 点击鼠标右键以管理员模式运行Kg_ttrar.exe程序,选择好版本(Vegas Pro 12.0 64bit Serials),点击最左边的Patch按钮,会弹出一个窗口提示你选择目录,这时候选择C:\Program Files (x86)\Sony\目录!程序会对源程序开始打补丁!
  3. 启动程序,会提示你输入序列号,点击Kg_ttrar.exe程序第二个按钮Generate生成自己的专用序列号(Serial Number),然后将这个序列号输入程序,接着点击下一步!
  4. 这时候弹出的窗口提示你是在线注册还是从另外一台电脑注册,选择第二项
  5. 这时候会弹出一个需要你输入个人信息的窗口,这里随便填写即可。然后继续下一步
  6. 最后会弹出个窗口,提示你输入Authentication Code验证码,将Keygen_ttrar.exe程序中的Authentication Code码输入到这个窗口的输入框中,然后激活即可!


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