Cinema Suite Ver.3

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Cinema Suite, is a designation assigned by STEREOVISION PRODUCTION for their own creations look presets these are used frequently in EDIUS by the Peruvian producer in the conduct of documentaries and television advertisements in Peru.

This agglomeration Suite 65 presets look beautiful that we serve to give it a unique texture,color and image to our clip in the shape they want in their final video during the process of post-production SD/HD that you make, is: social events, documentaries, video clips,advertisements for television, film, etc.., Which is why each preset look Cinema Suite has its own characteristic of color texture that will allow us to clearly identify various types of reasons or situations they want for their clip.

All these presets operate in real time with Grass Valley EDIUS, that's the big advantage that the main difference from other non-linear editors on the market that use third-party software for this purpose with endless renders for viewing; why was created Cinema Suite so that we can enjoy exclusive looks high quality with beautiful textures of color that are currently used in conducting professional video production or broadcast; this Suite was developed entirely by caminostereo with the aim of using looks nice for our clips and images above all to enjoy real time with EDIUS… these are: Angel of Heaven, Alpha Negative, American Horse, Apocalipsis, Basic Warm, Basic Warm Max, Basic White Difusion, Berlin, Black And White Crunch, Bleach Bypass, Bronze, Buffalo, Cartoon , Coolish, Color Reversal, Curahee, Daily, Daily Max, Dream
Look, Gold Crunch, Ice, Inferno, Infrared, Kaleidoscope SD NSTC, Kaleidoscope SD PAL, Kaleidoscope HD, Lemon, Lord of Miracles, Machu Picchu, Marine, Maracuya, Medium, Mexicali, Mystery, Neo, Night Time, Ochre, Ohio, Oild TV, Oxide, Pastel Low Constrast, Pale Olive, Peruvian, Polar, Purple, Radioactive Hulk, Remember, Sepia Oild, Sepia Red, Silver, Soft Color, Soft Light, Sun, Sunset, Super Night Shot, Tint Strong Blue, Titanium, Titanium Max, Triangle Clon SD NSTC, Triangle Clon SD PAL, Triangle Clon HD, Tropico Wash., TV Distortion, Vivid Colors, Yesterday, all these are creations look presets as part of caminostereo parcel of

Cinema Suite, gets its highest quality digital video obtained a cameras professional or broadcast system based on 3 CCD or 3 CMOS with a sampling color of 4:2:2

The compatibility of Cinema Suite is exclusively for EDIUS 3.xx and EDIUS 4.xx… their use of these presets look is entirely free for all users of Grass Valley EDIUS, so this totally banned its sale as well as the publication on the Internet third that is not authorized by the same author caminostereo; any queries please write to e-mail:



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