The KMPlayer Release



  1. URL redirect support.
  2. Change playList XP style.
  3. Open avi file in 0byte fix.
  4. mx audio file reposition support.
  5. mx audio file crash fix.
  6. error with zip file (when title include , it wasn’t play)
  7. Crash error with unsupported file.
  8. Error with mkv file (searching five sec. forward and backward)
  9. Not displayed subtitle in vista EVR.
  10. Codec update : libcodec.dll.
  11. Change default install language to English.
  12. Uninstaller is now English.
  13. ASK Toolbar installation added.
  14. Support madVR.
  15. Support flv (avc, aac codec).
  16. MediaInfo.dll (ver patch.
  17. Possible to playback damaged file.
  18. Support album art(MP3 thumbnail).

kmp.exe (14,914,820Bytes)
MD4: 881CA86BFB0ADF723A407B7D0034621E
MD5: FC623D27A3A3DEB6820A444BE5A4E806
SHA-1: 7638A7C6E216BF83C82C2FC0922218996D4F7D0C

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RealNetworks RealVideo Codec

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