Canopus DV Codec 1.00

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Canopus DV Codec helps you to play and import DV videos with any tool.

DO NOT INSTALL this CODEC on a machine with a DV Rex M1, DV Raptor, EZDV, RexFX, or Xplode!

This free software CODEC will allow machines without DV Rex M1, DV Raptor, or RexFX cards to play Canopus DV CODEC AVI files. Playback performance depends on CPU speed.

Important Note :

- According to, if you edit the AVI file and change the FOURCC to dvsd, it will play with these codecs too.

Related downloads:

  1. Canopus DV File Converter: a free utility which lets you convert Microsoft DV .AVI files into Canopus DV .AVI files, and vice versa.
  2. MainConcept DV Codec: is widely recognized as offering the best quality and rendering speed.
  3. Panasonic DV Codec: play and import DV video with any tool. The Panasonic VFW DV codec works perfect with VirtualDub.
  4. Pinnacle DV25 Codec: looks like any other software DV (DV25) codec using the standard "dvsd" FOURCC.
  5. Cedocida DV Codec: is an open source Video for Windows (VfW) DV-Type2-Codec.
  6. Adaptec DVSoft codec: is an interesting codec offered by Adaptec for encoding and decoding video in the DV format.


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