Edius 5.51 update released

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EDIUS非线性编辑软件专为广播和后期制作环境而设计,特别针对新闻记者、无带化视频制播和存储。EDIUS拥有完善的基于文件工作流程,提供了实时、多轨道、多格式混编、合成、色键、字幕和时间线输出功能。除了标准的EDIUS系列格式,还支持 Infinity™ JPEG 2000、DVCPRO、P2、VariCam、Ikegami GigaFlash、MXF 、XDCAM和XDCAM EX视频素材。同时支持所有DV、HDV摄像机和录像机。

Supported Hardware:

  1. IEEE 1394 FireWire controllers
  2. ADVC1394, ACEDVio
  3. EDIUS NX Series
  4. EDIUS SP Series
  5. EDIUS RX-E1 (SDI-based hardware)
  6. EDIUS Turnkey Systems
  7. HDSTORM Series
  8. HDSPARK Series

Version 5.51 ( Release: 6/30/2010)

[Fixed issues]

  1. Fixed issue of crash of EDIUS when AES collaboration is performed.
  2. Fixed issue of clip which is captured by GF Ingest being converted to offline clip.
  3. Fixed issue of time code display being set to start time code of sequence when outputting clip in AAF format.
  4. Fixed issue of crash when exporting file in MXF format.
  5. Fixed issue of color change when loading CANON EOS Movie file.
  6. Improved performance when handling large amount of clips on K2 Connect.
  7. Fixed issue of crash when converting specific files.



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