WinDV - 小巧的1394采集软件

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WinDV is a small and easy to use Windows application for capturing videos from DV device (camcorder) into AVI-files and for recording AVI-files into DV device via FireWire (IEEE 1394) interface. Capturing is very reliable thanks to use of large buffer queue. Timestamps recorded on DV tape by camcorder can be used to automatically split captured video into multiple files. During transmitting to DV, several AVI-files can be joined together to form final video recording.

Internals: DirectShow "filters" are used for communication with DV devices, video-preview and for reading/writing AVI. Additional code handles memory buffering, timestamp decoding and simple user interface.


  • Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP
  • DirectX 8.1+
  • FireWire (IEEE 1394) controller (OHCI)
  • DV camcorder (with DV-in for recording)
  • or DV-videorecorder

Main features

  • small & handy < 100kB one-file WinDV.exe
  • input / output - capturing from DV device to AVI files (both type-1 and type-2 supported) and recording vice versa
  • no dropped frames - memory buffering
  • automatic AVI splitting according to the timestamps on DV recordings - every video sequence can be saved into unique file
  • easy AVI joining - record multiple files joined to the DV device just using wildcards
  • preview of transmitted video in the window
  • free - you can download it and use it as you like at no cost

Download WinDV


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