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ProxyCodec64 编码代理软件

自从edius6.x开始,破解总是不尽人意,编码总是不能被其他软件所使用,破解作者貌似也没用继续破解的想法,在各论坛也出现了备份恢复,强制卸载等各种各样的解决方法,但总过于繁琐,不利于使用,于是便有了如下这个方式,通过编码代理来让after effects或者其他软件所使用.


Program name: Proxy Codec 64
Category : video codec utility (VCM)
OS : Windows7 (only 64bit)
License : Freeware
Author : amaman
Country : Japan
Language : English, Japanese
Release date: Oct.19.2009

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Canopus Playback Codecs Pack Ver:3.03


Canopus has long been regarded as a leader in video codec technology. These codecs are developed exclusively and innovatively by Canopus engineering team.High-speed codecs for video editing and conversion are the core of Canopus products, and are also known as a important foundamental technology by other well-known brands.


Double-clicking 'setup.exe'icon in this software.

Selecting "Canopus Codec Option" and clicking 'Change/Remove' button via [Start] > [Control Panel] > [Add or Remove Programs].

Installing this software, the following codecs are installed to your system.

  • Canopus DV Codec
  • Canopus Lossless Codec
  • Canopus HQ Codec
  • Canopus HQX Codec

These codecs are DECODE-ONLY and enable you to VIEW files created by EDIUS Pro or Broadcast editing software with using Microsoft Windows Media Player. Read more

Canopus Codec Option Ver:3.02

Canopus has long been regarded as a leader in video codec technology.Developed exclusively by the Canopus engineering team, innovative high-quality,high-speed codecs for video editing and conversion are at the heart of Canopus products, and are also licensed for use by other well-known brands.

Please read the Software License Agreement before using this software.Do not use this software if you do not agree to the terms of this License Agreement.

Install by double-clicking 'setup.exe' in the folder Canopus Codec Option Ver 3.00
Uninstall via the [Control Panel] > [Add/Remove Applications].

This software will install the following codecs:


These codecs are DECODE-ONLY, enabling you to VIEW files created by EDIUS Pro or Broadcast editing software, using Microsoft Windows Media Player. Read more

AC3 Filter 1.63b

C3Filter is high quality freeware DirectShow audio decoder and processor filter used to decode audio tracks in movies (DVD, MPEG4 and others). It has a priority on wide functionality and convenient settings.

AC3 Filter can decode following audio formats: AC3 / DTS / MPEG Audio. It also supports multi-channel and digital (SPDIF) outputs.

Features of AC3 Filter 1.63 :

  • Decoding of AC3/DTS/MPEG1/2 Audio Layer I/II formats
  • Support of DVD, AVI/AC3, AVI/DTS, WAV/AC3 and WAV/DTS
  • Audio processing for any source
  • Decomposition of any source to 6 channels
  • Full information about audio track format
  • Support of SPDIF passthrough mode
  • Multi-channel audio output from all sources on SPDIF (on-the-fly AC3 encoding)
  • Per-channel amplification for all input/output channels
  • Per-channel delays (for compensation of distance difference to speakers)
  • Automatic gain control
  • Clipping
  • Dynamic Range Compression, DRC
  • Level indication for input and output channels
  • Matrix mixer and ability of direct modification of mixing matrix
  • Dolby Surround / Pro Logic / Pro Logic II downmix

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QuickTime Alternative 3.1.1

QuickTime Alternative will allow you to play QuickTime files (.mov, .qt, .3gp and other extensions) without having to install the official QuickTime Player. It also supports QuickTime content that is embedded in webpages.

As a bonus, Internet Explorer will play all QuickTime movies that are embedded in a webpage. You do need a media player that is capable of playing QuickTime files. The included Media Player Classic supports it and works very well. The QuickTime Browser plugin supports Internet Explorer, Opera, Netscape and Mozilla. The QuickTime plugins include iPIX and QuickTimeVR.

Some advantages compared to QuickTime player :

  1. Quick and easy install
  2. It's easy to make an unattended installation
  3. No background processes
  4. Use a player of your own choice
  5. Low on resources
  6. Smaller size

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Canopus DV Codec 1.00

Canopus DV Codec helps you to play and import DV videos with any tool.

DO NOT INSTALL this CODEC on a machine with a DV Rex M1, DV Raptor, EZDV, RexFX, or Xplode!

This free software CODEC will allow machines without DV Rex M1, DV Raptor, or RexFX cards to play Canopus DV CODEC AVI files. Playback performance depends on CPU speed.

Important Note :

- According to, if you edit the AVI file and change the FOURCC to dvsd, it will play with these codecs too. Read more